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The Share Capital in Cyprus

Updated on Friday 07th September 2018

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The_share_capital_in_Cyprus.jpgTypes of companies in Cyprus

The share capital for Cypriot companies varies according to the type of company the investors chooses to open. The types of companies that can be incorporated in Cyprus, according to the Companies Law, are:
- the private company limited by shares;
- the public company limited by shares;
- the company limited by guarantee;
- the general partnership;
- the limited partnership;
- the sole proprietorship.
Other options for international companies are the branch or the subsidiary. Foreign investors can base their choice for a company in Cyprus on their business needs and, if applicable, on the available share capital.

The minimum share capital in Cyprus -  analyzed by our Cyprus company formation advisers

The private company limited by shares is not required to have a mandatory minimum share capital upon registration. However, our Cypriot company formation experts recommend that you do deposit a minimum share capital for the company. A private company limited by shares can have contributions made in cash or in kind and they can be accounted for as capital contributions. The situation is different for public companies limited by shares. These companies must have a minimum share capital of at least 25,630 euros. Partnerships in Cyprus require no minimum share capital

Share capital requirements for companies in Cyprus

Public companies limited by shares require a capital duty, besides the minimum share capital of 25,630 EUR. At the time of the incorporation, the capital duty of 103 euros plus 0.6% of the authorized capital must be paid to the Cypriot Companies Register. Assets can be contributed to the share capital pf a public company limited by shares. Share capital other than cash must vale economic value. 
The minimum share capital for a public company limited by shares is mandatory. There are special measures to be taken in case a public company loses half of its issued share capital, in order to avoid company liquidation.
If you are interested in other procedures, like company registration in Cyprus, our Cypriot company formation representatives can help you with any questions.

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