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Shelf Companies in Cyprus

Updated on Tuesday 14th September 2021

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Ready-made companies in Cyprus

shelf company or a ready-made company in Cyprus is a legal business entity that has been incorporated but has not yet performed any trade activities. Essentially, it exists to be purchased by an entrepreneur who wants to start his or her business activity in Cyprus right away. Our company formation specialists in Cyprus are ready to help you purchase a Cypriot shelf company and guide you throughout the entire process until the company is ready to begin performing business activities.

The advantages of shelf companies presented by our Cypriot company formation experts

Ready-made companies have one important advantage: the company is already incorporated and registered at the Cypriot Trade Register and it can begin its activities right away, after completing the necessary documentation between the new owner and our company formation experts.
Cypriot shelf companies are a quick and easy solution for entrepreneurs in Cyprus. Moreover, most Cypriot shelf companies have all the necessary documentation and accounting records in good order and most importantly, there are no liabilities deriving from business activities. 
Although the company is inactive, a shelf company that has been registered and has accumulated longevity will have a better reputation and will generally be perceived as secure.


Doing business in Cyprus

Shelf companies are not the only option for business owners who want to open a Cypriot company. Other types of companies that can be registered here include the limited liability company, the private company limited by shares, the public company limited by shares, branches or subsidiaries in Cyprus set up by foreign companies.
The business start-up costs in Cyprus vary according to the type of company. For shelf companies, our experts can provide a personalized offer which will include the costs for acquiring the new shelf company and other additional costs that may exist depending on various maintenance costs for the company.
Please contact our team of agents for company formation services in Cyprus. We can help you invest in the small but beautiful Mediterranean country. Whether you want to buy a ready made company or to open an offshore company in Cyprus, our team is at your disposal.

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