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Change the Registered Office of Your Cypriot Company

Updated on Friday 07th December 2018

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Change-the-Registered-Office-of-Your-Cypriot-Company.jpgForeign and local entrepreneurs who want to open companies in Cyprus must submit various information with the Trade Register. The information submitted will help the newly-established company to be different from other companies. However, business owners are allowed to bring changes to the company’s details.

Among the changes which can be brought to a Cyprus company is the registered address. This the official address of the company which must be submitted with all the authorities when opening a company in Cyprus.

Below, our Cyprus company formation consultants explain how to change the company’s legal address.

When can the Cyprus company’s legal address be changed?

There are several situations in which a Cyprus company’s address can be replaced. Among these are:

  • -          when the company changes the place of business, the legal address can also be changed;
  • -          when the company opens a new office and wants to relocate its registered address too.

A Cyprus company can only have one official address; however, it can open branches and subsidiaries which have different addresses. For these entities, the legal address of the parent company must be written in the subsidiaries or branches’ documents.

Our company registration agents in Cyprus can offer more information on the requirements related to registered addresses for businesses.

Steps in changing the company address in Cyprus

In order to replace a Cyprus company’s registered address, the following steps must be completed:

  1.           a new address must be found and agreed upon by the shareholders of the company;
  2.           a request for changing the company address must be filed with the Cyprus Trade Register;
  3.           once the Trade Register approves the change, the company’s statutory documents must be amended with the new address;
  4.           the company must inform the other authorities of the change of its legal address;
  5.           the official documents which required the legal address must also be replaced.

The change of a Cyprus company’s registered address can be completed by the company secretary against a fee. Based on the application form submitted, the Registrar will issue a registered office certificate.

For information on how to change a company’s legal address in Cyprus, please contact us. We can also help you open a company in Cyprus.

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