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Company Formation Cyprus



Set up LTD in Cyprus

Updated on Thursday 11th January 2018

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The Cypriot Limited Liability Company

The limited liability company in Cyprus (LTD) is the most popular business form in Cyprus. The majority of the foreign investors choose to set up this business form and it can be established by EU or non-EU citizens.

The limited liability company must be registered at the Cypriot Registrar of Companies and the investor will need to prepare and submit certain documents as well as apply for a company name. Our Cypriot company formation experts can assist you throughout the company incorporation procedure and help you provide the necessary documents and information.

Requirements for a limited liability company in Cyprus

Limited liability companies in Cyprus can be private or public. There are no applicable requirements for the minimum share capital of a private limited liability in Cyprus. Public limited liability companies need to have a minimum share capital of over 25,000 EUR. The Companies Act regulates the number of shareholders for these companies:
- at least one member for the private limited liability company and at least seven members for the public LTD;
- a private LTD can have up to 50 members.
The shareholders must provide personal information like nationality, contact details or the number of shares they own in the company. There are no restrictions on the nationality of an individual who wants to form this type of company.
The contribution to the company’s share capital is divided into shares. The total capital of a LTD in Cyprus is called the Authorized or Nominal capital. The Paid Up capital represents the amount that the shareholders have to pay. The liability of the company members is limited to the nominal value of the fully paid up shares. The contributions can be made in kind or in cash.
Our Cypriot company formation consultants can help you know more about the attributions of a company director in Cyprus and the legal requirements for corporate taxation.

Setting up a LTD in Cyprus

The first step when setting up a LTD in Cyprus is to prepare the required documents. A lawyer in Cyprus can help you at this stage. The investor then proposes a company name and submits an application for approval with the Companies Registrar. The availability of the name can be checked online. After the name is approved, the investor can start gathering the documents needed to register the company. The following documents will be requested by the Registrar of Companies:
- declaration form;
- declaration form for the registered address;
- details about the company directors and secretary;
- the company’s Articles of Association.
There are various fees associated with the company registration procedure payable to the Registrar of Companies. Additional requirements for a newly established company in Cyprus include opening a bank account.
Our company registration representatives in Cyprus can help you open a limited liability company and also give you information about the other types of companies available in the country.
You can contact our Cypriot company formation specialistsfor complete services and assistance during the company incorporation procedure. 




  • Aleksander Levicharov 2015-12-03

    Hi there, what is the fee for preparing the documents for LTD. We want to create a private LTD here in Cypros.

    Hello Aleksander! Please send us an e-mail with your request at office(at)lawyers-cyprus.com and we will answer you as soon as possible.
    Have a great day!

  • Mohsin Hassan 2016-01-26

    I want to setup company. Please share me total cost involved. thanks

    Hello Mohsin Hassan! Thank you for writing to us. We kindly ask you to send us a detailed e-mail with your request at: office(at)lawyers-cyprus.com and we will reply as soon as possible. Have a great day!

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