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Obtaining a Work Permit in Cyprus

Updated on Thursday 11th January 2018

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Obtaining_a_work_permit_in_Cyprus.jpgResidence and work permits in Cyprus

Citizens from EU Member States can enter Cyprus only on the basis of a valid passport or ID card and do not have to register for any type of stay that is less than three months. If they intend to stay longer and also find a job, individuals will have to obtain a work permit in Cyprus.
Work permits are usually accompanied by a residence permit: the individual applying for one of them will also have to apply for the other. A certain fee applies for applying for such a permit and also for renewing it. Our Cypriot company formation experts can help you obtain a work permit in Cyprus and at the same time apply for a residence permit. It is not mandatory to already have a residence permit when wanting to work in Cyprus and employees can commence their activities before obtaining the latter.

Requirements for EU citizens

EU citizens are required to apply for a residence permit for work purposes in Cyprus. This permit is valid for 5 years and is not withdrawn if the employee is temporarily incapable of work due to illness or accidents. However, it can be limited for a certain amount of time if:
- the employee is working for a person providing services in Cyprus (longer than 3 months but not over 1 year);
- the employment is seasonal but longer than 3 months (certain exceptions apply).
Our Cypriot company formation agents can give you additional information about employment in Cyprus and the working conditions. Individuals should know that certain professions that require special qualification are regulated, such as accounting, medical activities and lawyers in Cyprus.
EU nationals who want to work in Cyprus and reside here must also apply for a social insurance number and must submit the application for the Alien Registration Certificate within 8 days of their arrival. 

Requirements for non-EU citizens

Non-EU citizens who want to work in Cyprus must follow a different procedure to obtain the necessary permits. The applications for work permits are submitted to the Civil Registry and the Migration Department by the employer and the applications should be accompanied by a work agreement.
The foreign employee must provide documents like passport copies, his or her criminal record, medical certificate, bank letter, work contract and also pay the necessary fee. The Temporary Residence and Work Permits for foreigners can be renewed and an applications must also be made for this purpose.
If you want to work in Cyprus, you can contact our company registration consultants. We can help you with various issues and help you start a business in Cyprus.


  • Son Le 2017-01-30

    Thank you very much for the post. I am wondering if I open a company in Cyprus, what kind of visa I must apply for? Pls kindly help!

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