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Company Formation Cyprus



When to Close a Business in Cyprus

Written by: Bridgewest

When-to-Close-a-Business-in-Cyprus.jpgDue to a mixture of reasons, businesses fail to meet their purpose and generate the results the investors had when they registered the company. In specific cases, the businessmen have to face the fact that the business must be closed down. However, companies can be closed for less stringent reasons, for example, the investors have lost their interest in operating in that respective field or they want to reinvest their profit into another type of company. Our team of company formation representatives in Cyprus can assist businessmen in closing a business down, following specific regulations imposed by the commercial law. 

The company’s profits are low

One of the main trigger that should determine a businessmen to close the company refers to the company’s profits. If, for a long period of time (of minimum 5 years), the company registered low profits, the investors may choose to shut down the business. The revenues are an important part of any business, as they are a top indicator on how well the company performs of the Cypriot market. Those who want to open a company in Cyprus should first establish a realistic business plan that can be followed over the years. 

The market saturation 

A commercial company in Cyprus provides services and products to the consumer market. Although a company may be very successful at selling various products, the market can become over-saturated or the consumers can lose their interest in the respective products. Our team of specialists in company formation in Cyprus can offer assistance on this matter. 

Lack of interest in the field  

As mentioned above, a company does not have to be closed down only on financial grounds. At times, the investors consider they no longer identify themselves with the respective business field and they may want to register a company in Cyprus in a different economic sector. 
In this sense, the investors can also opt for selling their company or, if they have opened the business with other partners, they may sell the shares owned in the company
Businessmen are invited to contact our team of company incorporation agents in Cyprus for more details referring on how to liquidate a business


  • Chriss 2016-11-02

    I also had to close my company down. It is now a simple decision, as there many things to take into consideration.

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