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Company Formation Cyprus



Cost of Living in Cyprus

Written by: Bridgewest

Cost-of-Living-in-Cyprus.jpgCyprus represents an important business location, especially for those interested in the tourism industry, which is an attractive field and a top sector for the country’s economy. At the same, those who are searching to relocate in a country with a warm environment and interesting landscapes can choose Cyprus at their new domicile. Businessmen who want to relocate in order to open a company in Cyprus should first analyse the cost of living in this country, which does not differ greatly from other similar countries, members of the European Union. Our team of company formation representatives in Cyprus can offer assistance on many aspects referring to the general Cypriot costs, including those which target at the registration of a new business.

Housing costs in Cyprus  

One of the main aspects which should be of interest when relocating to Cyprus is the cost of housing. Investors can opt to purchase a property in Cyprus or to rent an apartment, in accordance with their plans, budget, and time they want to spend in this country. The average price when renting an apartment is around EUR 500, but the costs can grow up to approximately EUR 650 in more expensive areas of the city/country. The apartment can also be used as the official business address of the future company and our team of company formation agents in Cyprus can offer advice in choosing an appropriate location, in accordance with the business activities carried out by the respective company


Other associated costs in Cyprus

Those who are interested in company formation in Cyprus have to take into consideration the utility costs, which are generally imposed at the price of EUR 110 (for 2 persons). Another important aspect, relevant for almost any type of business activity, refers to the internet services. The monthly cost of internet services is around EUR 30. It is important to know a particularity of the Cypriot transportation system, which is carried out only by bus. Another way to move around the city is either by using a personal car, either my using the taxi system.
Businessmen interested in receiving more details on the costs of living in Cyprus can receive assistance from our team of company formation consultants


  • Robert 2016-09-23

    I think this is a reasonable sum of money, compared to the income level. I'd be interested to know what are the costs involved for opening a business (a small business, with maximum 5-6 employees). Thanks!

    Hello Robert! Thank you for your comment! Please send us a detailed e-mail about your project at office(at)lawyers-cyprus.com. We will respond as fast as possible.
    Have a great day!

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