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5 Small Business Ideas in Cyprus

Written by: Bridgewest

5-Small-Business-Ideas-in-Cyprus.jpgAlthough most of the businesses are registered in order to develop to their full potential and become very well know companies, represented by large corporations, some investors are searching for ways to set up a small business, which can be managed in a simple way by only few employees. Small businesses are usually recommended to investors who want to start as a sole trader, which represents the simplest legal way to conduct a commercial activity. There are several fields which are of maximum importance for the Cypriot economy and our team of company formation consultants in Cyprus can provide advice on how to choose a domain suitable to the investor’s interests. 

1. Company providing rental services in Cyprus 

Those who want to register a company in Cyprus should know that the local economy developed very fast in the first months of 2016 as a main effect of the booming results of the tourism industry. The rental property industry in Cyprus is a business which can yield positive financial results, especially because the industry can refer to any type of rental services (commercial and non-commercial). The monthly rental prices for residential real estate vary between EUR 430 and EUR 1200. 


2. Consultancy company in the field of education in Cyprus

Cyprus represents a top educational destination for international students, as the local universities provide English-taught classes. A company set up in the field of consultancy can help students with various aspects referring to the admission and registration in a local university, or for accommodation purposes. 

3. Travel company in Cyprus 

It is advisable to register a small company providing travelling services to local and foreign visitors, as this industry is one of the most important for the local economy. The island received in 2015 a total number of tourists set up at 2,7 million and the projections for 2016 are expecting a further grow; our team of Cypriot company incorporation agents can offer more details on how to obtain a business license for this field. 

4. Web design company in Cyprus 

The internet has become one of the most resourceful tools to start a business. Nowadays, an important part of the small and large commercial companies are represented in the online environment through a website and web design specialists can take advantage of this trend by providing their services to other natural persons and legal entities which might be interested in setting up a website for various purposes. 


5. Auto mechanic business in Cyprus 

Persons who have an extensive experience in the field of automotive can start a small business by providing various types of services for car owners in Cyprus. An important aspect in this sense is that Cyprus represents one of the top economies in terms of car ownership compared to the size of the population. 
Businessmen interested in receiving more details on what types of small businesses are more suitable here can address to our team of company formation specialists in Cyprus


  • Jean 2016-09-05

    I think that the travel company or the web design field shoulr be top priorities for small investors.

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